Land Detail
* The total land required for 1980MW is estimated 908 acres.

* Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation Ltd. (APIIC), the nodal agency for development of infrastructure facilities in Andhra Pradesh has alloted 814 acres and possession of the same has been completed by KPPL. The transfer of another 27 acres is in progress.

* The company is in the process of acquiring another 150 acres of land for which the DN has been approved and published and the acquisition will be completed in 2 months time. 

* The land availability will be thus more than its actual requirements.

*  Area away from ecologically sensitive, R&R prone, notified reserve forests, CRZ etc.

* Suitability of the land from topography and geological aspects.

* Proximity to road/ port to facilitate transportation of equipment, construction material, indigenous and imported coal, and auxiliary fuels.

* Availability of adequate quantity of sea water to meet plant water requirements thro ’proper treatment.

* The Project is located very near to railway net-work (25 km) and national highway NH-5 (23 kms) and Krishnapatnam port (7kms).

Fuel linkage-coal
* Application was filed with Ministry of Coal (MOC) on August 14, 2008.

* CEA & Ministry of Power has recommended for Long Term Coal Linkage to MOC for the 1st phase of the project to an extent 70%.

* As per the new guidelines/criteria’s issued by CEA for allocation of coal linkage, KPPL stands on the following merits for its sanction.

# Project is based on Supercritical technology.
# Sea Water drawl permission has been accorded.
# Total land possession for the first phase of the project is fully in place.
# Final clearance from MoEF has accorded for the project.

Coal requirements:
The estimated phase-wise maximum daily coal consumption for the / ultimate capacity of 1980 MW considering the GCV of coal as 3800 kcal/kg is indicated below:
Coal consumption at full load

Indigenous Coal

(Max. up to 100%)

Imported coal

(Max. up to 50%)
2x660 MW 3x660 MW 2x660 MW 3x660 MW
Tonnes per Hour 816 1224 339 508
Tonnes per Day 19591 29387 8136 12205
Million Tonnes per Year (@100% PLF) 7.15 10.72 3 4.5
Based on present indications, coal from Mahanadi Coal Fields Limited has been considered. It is envisaged to transport the coal from Mahanadi Coal Fields through rail upto Paradip port and from there subsequently to Krishnapatnam port by sea. Coal from Krishnapatnam port will be received through conveyor to the stock yard. In order to maximize the generation and to reduce the specific coal consumption, it is also proposed to blend coal by mixing imported coal with indigenous coal. 
Imported coal is envisaged to be received at Krishnapatnam Port which is being developed and then transported to the power plant by conveyor.

News & Events
Corporate Profile Services Environmental Clearence
The project is planned to be completed in two stages. The first Stage two 1320Mw (2x 660 MW)is under implementation. To undertake or carry on the business of cunsultancy or management of the whole of the affairs of the company or firm or any part of the assets of a company or firm with similar or different objects. The Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA) Studies for the Project was done by M/s BS_Envitech (P) Ltd.
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