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The Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA) Studies for the Project was done by M/s BS_Envitech (P) Ltd.
Presentation TOR for conducting EIA was cleared by MoEF on 15th Dec 2008.
Public hearing for the project was completed on 4th March 2009. 
The company has got final clearance from MoEF on 15/07/2009. 
To carry on the business as to generate, harness, accumulate, produce, distribute, supply power of all kinds by setting up power plants by use of, hydro-electricity, liquid, gaseous or solid fuels for the purpose of light, heat, motive power, hydel and for all other purpose which electric energy can be employed.

To carry on the business as to generate power supply either hydro, thermal, gas, air, diesel, oil or through renewable energy sources such as solar, photo voltaic, wind mill and or any other means and to transmit, distribute, supply, sell, import, export, deal and to carry on allied activities such power either directly or through transmission lines and facilities of Central/State Government or private companies or electricity board, industries and to any other consumers of electricity, including captive consumption for any industrial project promoted by this company or promoter's company and to develop, generate, accumulate power at any other place or places and transmit, distribute, sell and supply such power.

To carry on the business as to acquire, concessions or licenses granted by or to enter into contracts with the Central and/or State Government, Municipal or local authority, company or person in India for the construction and maintenance of any electricity installation for the production, transmission or use of electric power for lighting, heating, signalling, telephonic, motive or any other constructive purposes or for trade, industrial, manufacturing or any other purposes.

To carry on the business of Electric power, light and supply company in all its branches and in particular to construct, layout establish, fix, carry out and run all necessary power stations, workshops, repair shops, sub-stations, power plants, transmission lines, cables, wires, accumulators and works and to generate, accumulator, distribute and supply electricity to industries to state electricity boards or to cities, towns, streets, docks, markets and allied necessities energy anywhere in the country and also to undertake research and development programmes in the fields of electrical power, electronics and allied fields.

To carry on the business as to construct, lay down, establish, fix, erect, equip and maintain generators, machinery, electrical equipment and cables, wires, lines, accumulators, lamps, fittings and apparatus in the capacity of or in principals, contractors or otherwise and to manufacture, deal, buy, sell and hire all apparatus and thing required for or used in connection with the generation, distribution, supply, accumulation of electricity including in the term electricity, all power that may be directly or indirectly derived there from.

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The project is planned to be completed in two stages. The first Stage two 1320Mw (2x 660 MW)is under implementation. To undertake or carry on the business of cunsultancy or management of the whole of the affairs of the company or firm or any part of the assets of a company or firm with similar or different objects. The Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA) Studies for the Project was done by M/s BS_Envitech (P) Ltd.
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